Simone did one session with me and my breathing capacity has improved tremendously. Before, I used to get exhausted too quickly. Now, I can produce high volumes with ease, which improves the resonance of my sound.” (see left)
Irene L., Professional Musician

Just wanted to say thank you again for a great series. Things keep changing in a positive way. Recently, I had a friend who hasn’t seen me in person for at least 15 years comment on the striking change in my posture. The pain inside my right knee that I always had when I stretched a certain way seems to have disappeared, and I’m more flexible there. And I’m becoming more and more flexible at my back bends. My husband told me the other day that the top of my head is now parallel to the floor.
I can feel that I walk differently…as if the movement starts from the top of my head. It’s really wonderful.

Thanks again! I’m so happy I decided to do this. You are very talented.”
Nicole F.


The work I did with Simone was transformative both internally and externally. After meeting with her for a number of sessions, I recall leaving and feeling a profound sense of inner and outer strength, stability, and clarity; this was to a level I had not ever experienced prior, despite years of meditation and yoga. Perhaps equally as important to me is the ways in which my heart began to open and soften as I worked with Simone. Personally, Simone is one of the kindest, steadiest, and most affirming practitioners I know. She is always, always encouraging and looking at what is possible for the body and spirit and never critical or shaming in any way. I highly recommend both Simone and Rolfing as a means of intensive personal growth.”

Client in RI, Clinical Psychologist


Several years ago, I was diagnosed with arthritis in the facet joint region. Over time, the condition worsened to the point where facet blocks, or shots, were necessary, as well as radio-frequency ablation. The condition deteriorated, however, to the point of me being incapable of getting out of bed easily and going about my work day. Often, I could not even tie my shoelaces. It was debilitating. A second ablation proved ineffective and I wondered what my next step would be.

A friend suggested Simone Lukas-Jogl and what the “art” of Rolfing did for her. Surprisingly, after my first session, I began to sense that something was happening to my physique.
I was disoriented after the session, to be honest, but I also felt that my body was in the process of healing itself.

Now, 8 sessions later, I can easily manage my condition. I can easily tie my shoelaces, without difficulty. I can even sleep on my stomach, something I could not do for an entire year. There is nothing that will cure an arthritic condition, but, for me, my sessions with Simone have made it very easy to manage.”

AMF, Photographer

I began seeing Simone for Rolfing in the hopes that it would relieve my back pain. I had no idea the experience would change my life. Not only did my pain go away, I gained a whole new relationship with my body. Her work inspired me so much that I decided to become a Rolfer! Simone brings together an extraordinary wealth of skill, knowledge and intuition. I consider her to be one of the very best in our field.”

Daphne Berwind-Dart, Rolfer in Cambridge

“Before working with Simone, knee pain was really affecting my life. To protect my knees, I’d lift with my back causing strain there too and carrying my toddler was a challenge. I’d find myself lying in bed in pain many nights. I had to stop running, cycling, and doing yoga. Even moderate walks I’d feel later. After just a couple sessions with Simone, my pain was totally gone and I have been able to get back to my active lifestyle. Rolfing is a powerful treatment and Simone is an exceptional practitioner. She is both personable and cares deeply about great outcomes for her clients.”

Mandi Ellefson, Business Coach